What’s New

Always fresh. We receive daily deliveries of fresh produce that we process in-house to ensure freshness and that only the best quality makes it into your burrito.
Homemade. From our house chipotle sauce, to our scorching hot sauce, it’s all made for you from scratch with no preservatives or artificial flavours.
What’s on Special? We make weekly burrito specials as well as daily specials so be sure to ask when ordering. Examples of some of the specials we run: Jerk Chicken, General Tao Chicken, Boneless Ribs, BBQ Shrimp. So, hungry yet?
Chino, you Loco, man! Ever had awesome Chinese Chow Mein noodles stuffed into your burrito? Sounds Loco? It’s burritos 2.0 – the next generation of burritos. Tasty Good Burritos for today cuz the last time we looked, it’s not 1985 anymore.