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Warm up with Slow Roast Pork

Let’s face it, this TO winter hasn’t been super-snowy but it’s been bone-chillingly cold.  Brrrrr!  Time to warmup with some slow-roast pork, ram-packed into a soft and delicious tortilla.  The slow-roast pork is our house signature for good reason: it’s tasty good and so easy to eat.  Marinated for 24hrs and oven-roasted 4hrs to perfection – it’s tenderlicious!  Get hookedup today.

Rookie? Try the House Signature

So you’ve heard about Chino Locos from friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, etc.  And finally, you’ve ventured in for a crazy asian burrito.  Then you’re hit with a menu offering 7-different options!!! Oh no what to do? We’d suggest you try our House Signature, #1 off our menu, the asian slow roast pork.  But you gotta… Continue Reading