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Fish Fantastic

Where else can you get a fish burrito in this city, that isn’t battered and deep-fried?  At Chino Locos, the fish burrito is a top-seller simply for that reason, it’s NOT deep-fried.  The filets of white-fish are seasoned and sauteed to order and made fresh so that the flavours are fresh and the fish remains moist and delicious.  Served with all the toppings, including guacamole, cheese and sour cream for only $6.99 + taxes.  Hook yourself up with one of the finest, today.

Charles in Charge

Charles cycles in from the west-end about once a week to get his burrito fix.  With the beach bike path as both his journey and destination, he’ll stop by to refuel for the ride home.  He started his Chino Locos experience with #3 from the menu – “Da Finest” (aka. the fish burrito) but has… Continue Reading