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Hunger-stimulated plan

Budget crunch - how to pay for new shoes AND a meal?
Budget crunch - how to pay for new shoes AND a meal?

Today’s economic times are tough.  It’s hard enough paying for rent and credit card bills, birthday presents, new Nike shoes, weddings, weekly drug habits, and then on top of that you gotta eat !  Lucky for you, at Chino Locos, you can stuff your face with a nutritious and delicious asian-inspired burrito, made with all the goodness of a homecooked meal like your Mom used to make.  (If your Mom was Chinese-Mexican, of course).  Starting from only $6.99 + taxes.  Call us and get your hunger squashed in a hurry  647-345-LOCO (5626).

Kung Fu Tex Mex

What is an Asian burrito?  Well, we take the best of popular Asian cuisine such as variety in texture, ingredient mix, freshness, cooking technique and flavour and modernize the experience with an easy-to-eat, grab n go burrito while staying true to Tex Mex as well.   Sounds strange, but the two mix really well.  The Tex… Continue Reading