First time ordering tips

First timer? Here are some tips on how to order and what to expect:

  1. Unless you have allergies to any of the ingredients, we recommend you get your burrito “fully loaded” – it tastes great like that
  2. All of our sauces and marinades are Homemade.
  3. The homemade Chipotle sauce is dairy-free. It is tomato-sauce based.
  4. When ordering, you’ll be asked how HOT you like it (Mild, Medium, Hot).
  5. If you choose Mild – you’ll only get the homemade Chipotle sauce.
  6. If you choose Med – you’ll get the homemade Chipotle sauce & 1/2 tablespoon of our homemade Hot Sauce. Our homemade hot sauce is HOT. No lie. So if you get Medium Spice, it’ll be a solid 6 out of 10. Don’t be surprised.
  7. If you choose HOT – you’ll get the Chipotle sauce & a full spoon of the Hot Sauce.
  8. You can ask for “Extra Hot” for an additional 75cents. Or Extra Extra Hot for $1.50. Each “Extra Hot” you ask for is 75cents.
  9. When ordering, you`ll be asked if you want a White or Whole Wheat Tortilla Shell
  10. Extra Meat is $3 for any order
  11. We don`t Mix Meats (eg. Chicken & Pork in one burrito)
  12. If you choose the `Sweeeet`Slow Roast Pork, it comes with our homemade scallion-ginger relish. So if you request `No Onions`when ordering pork, please specify if you want the relish or not
  13. Extra Veg or Sauce will be an additional charge of 75cents
  14. Unfortunately, we do not have Kids sized burritos.But you can make it smaller by asking for half rice or half noodles. Or try the Quesadilla or Tacos, kids love those.
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