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Lotsa home cookin’ goin on

We do things old school-style at Chino Locos.  There’s really lotsa cooking going on.  All of our sauces are homemade from scratch.  From the chipotle sauce, the awesome ginger relish, to the tasty and hot, hot sauce.  All homemade from scratch.  We cook everyday.  The slow-roast pork cooks for over 5hrs.  The Pollo Loco roasts to tasty perfection everyday in our ovens.  And if you order steak, fish or vegan, those are cooked on the spot for your order.  So try one today and don’t hesitate to give the chow mein noodles a try.  We are chino, by the way.  See you soon.

Fish Fantastic

Where else can you get a fish burrito in this city, that isn’t battered and deep-fried?  At Chino Locos, the fish burrito is a top-seller simply for that reason, it’s NOT deep-fried.  The filets of white-fish are seasoned and sauteed to order and made fresh so that the flavours are fresh and the fish remains… Continue Reading

We Recommend the house signature

When new customers walk in and are slightly perplexed by the menu options, they always ask what we recommned.  And our answer is to go with #1 from the menu – the asian slow roast pork burrito (properly named “Sweeeeet”).  This lean and tender cut of pork is carefully marinated overnight and slow roasted for… Continue Reading

Spicy Juicy Vegan

Customer Dave Burrows wrote to us recently, “thank you for the spicy juicy vegans today, it is so delicious, you guys are doing a great job, I will be spreading the word.“   Mr. Burrows,  thank YOU for the feedback and taking the time to write us.  We at Chino Locos look forward to seeing you… Continue Reading

Straight Outta Italy

Quench your thirst.  Chino Locos is now serving San Pelligrino aranciata (orange) and limonata (lemon)!  Imported from Italy, the San Pelligrino brand has been finding it’s way onto our dinner tables at fancy restaurants for years – and at $$ per bottle!   Now, Chino Locos is bringing you that touch of class you’re used to… Continue Reading

Kung Fu Tex Mex

What is an Asian burrito?  Well, we take the best of popular Asian cuisine such as variety in texture, ingredient mix, freshness, cooking technique and flavour and modernize the experience with an easy-to-eat, grab n go burrito while staying true to Tex Mex as well.   Sounds strange, but the two mix really well.  The Tex… Continue Reading