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Metro News article

As seen in Toronto’s Metro News on Wed Aug 18, 2010:

It’s hard to walk two blocks without bumping into a burrito joint. Sadly, most are about as authentic as that fake ID you bought on Dundas Street in Grade 11.

That’s what makes Chinos Locos (Translation: Crazy Asians) such an interesting find.  Partners Victor Su and Minh La started with a base of Tex Mex cuisine, and married it to a host of fresh Far East flavours.  Typical toppings include a mix of guacamole, cilantro, tomatoes … chow mein noodles, and edamame.

Strange? No, inspired.

These Chinos Locos have taken the best of Toronto’s multicultural fusion and resuscitated a tired food category in the process.

See article at this link:–metro-minute-with-chinos-locos

Harbourfront Centre Demo

Chino Locos’ chef and co-owner, Minh La, will be on stage at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre for a live demo on our burritos with chow mein noodles.   Book it in your calendars now!  Sunday, August 22nd, at 2pm.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to see this live demo and to get a free sample!  Check the… Continue Reading