Monthly Archives: December 2009

Rice or Chow Mein Noodles?

Some would argue that a burrito just isn’t a burrito without rice.  But if you had a choice between rice and noodles in your burrito – what would you say then?   We call our rice, Rustic Rice, because it’s healthy alternative to your everyday burrito rice offering.  Our rice is a triple-medley of rice grains cooked together to create a purplish-red foundation of nutrition and flavour.  You may even find this rice at some fine dining establishments, but try to get them to stuff it in a burrito for you (Note: if you try this, let us know what happened!).  And part of what makes us “new” Mexican burritos is that we offer the people something “new” like stir-fried noodles with sprouts and scallions in your burrito.   Some die-hard burrito eaters say they taste better than rice, and are less messy to eat.   While others are tried and true rice fanatics.  Whatever you decide, you’ll always get a choice of rice or noodles in your burrito at Chino Locos.