Monthly Archives: June 2009

We’re Open on Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day, Torontonians!  Celebrate with time off work, chillin and relaxin with your friends and family, and when you’re hungry, comeby to Chino Locos for a burrito ‘cuz we’ll be open and ready to serve you one of our delicious Asian-style burritos.  Celebrate this wonderful country’s diversity and all its bountiful beauty.  Happy Canada Day!

5 cent shopping bags

Don’t be alarmed folks, it’s the new law.  Bring your own re-usable bag or just carry the damn burrito in your hand and save yourself 5cents.  But don’t give us cut-eye when we ask for the nickel cuz you didn’t bring your own bag.  It’s the new law and it’s to save the environment, fool! Continue Reading

Sunday June 14 – closed for catering

Sorry for the last minute news but we’re gonna be closed on Sunday June 14 all-day for a special catering event for The Apple Store employees.  You see, 100 of The Apple Store employees are gathering for a meeting and wanted something fantastic, exciting and modern for their meal and of all the burrito joints… Continue Reading

Rookie? Try the House Signature

So you’ve heard about Chino Locos from friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, etc.  And finally, you’ve ventured in for a crazy asian burrito.  Then you’re hit with a menu offering 7-different options!!! Oh no what to do? We’d suggest you try our House Signature, #1 off our menu, the asian slow roast pork.  But you gotta… Continue Reading

Warning: “The Hot Sauce is HOT!!!”

Our homemade green hot sauce has always had a bit of a sting to it, but over the last few batches, our customers have been commenting that “it wasn’t hot enough” for them.   Well, we’ve made sure of it this time!   Our green hot sauce is made of 6-different varieties of chili peppers all cooked/roasted/pan-seared… Continue Reading